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Movie Overview

Dajjal (The Slayer and His Followers) is an upcoming full-length animated feature film based on current Middle East crisis that will be appeal to all communities and cultures worldwide. Film is Written and Directed by Rana Abrar, Presents by “Wbj Media” Animation Studio "Messenger2050". The film is scheduled to be released in 2018.
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The Android and IOS games, for promotion of the movie will be launched before the movie is released. This is for the Young crowd to experience the game before and get a feel of the action to fight with enemies.

Full version of the Video game based on the story of this movie will be launched on PlayStation, X-box and Microsoft Windows after the movie is released.

Presented by WBJ Media

Written & Directed by Rana Abrar


Releasing Date:    :    December 2018
Based On    :    Current Middle East Crisis
Director    :    Rana Abrar
Writer    :    Rana Abrar
Production Company    :    WBJ Media
Languages    :    English, Arabic, Turkish, Malay, Indonesian and Urdu
Countries    :    UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Jordan, Pakistan, Indonesia, USA, UK and Canada
Slogan    :    «unbelievablebelievers»
Running Time    :    100 minutes




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Dajjal The Slayer and His Followers

Presents by WBJ Media

Animation Studio: Messenger2050

Media and Marketing Partners:

Malaysia (Mainstream), Brunei & Indonesia (WBM), Singapore (Gemini ), Hong Kong (ITIL), UAE ( Adzilla), Pakistan (CnC Management), Turkey  (WBJ Group).

Production Design Associates:

Malaysia (Mainstream), Singapore (World Biz Journals ), UAE ( Wajood), Pakistan (CnC Management).